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On returning from my holiday a few weeks a go, I received a package from the wonderful people at the fragrance shop. I was asked to give the fragrances a try and review each one, so, after alternating between all three over the last few weeks- i’m ready to give my verdict!

Normally, I could spend hours, sauntering around Harvey Nichols, with a handful of tester cards, with my hands, arms, wrists and elbows saturated in scent trying to pick one fragrance that felt was unique amongst the cloud of amber & vanilla, so it was nice to have the fragrances pre-picked for me- & the result was more than interesting!

Issey Miyake ‘L’eau Majeure D’issey’ 

I really did enjoy this scent, it was fresh, inoffensive, clean and perfect to wear through the day.  Inspired by the ferocity of the sea, its an aquatic fragrance that combines bergamot, grapefruit, ambergris & cashmeran & in just a few spritz it conjures up images of sea-spray and the whipping freshness of the sea air (minus the squawking seagulls)

Despite being incredibly fresh, l have noticed that the smell doesn’t stay for that long compared to previous Eau De Toilette’s I’ve used before, however, I’m seriously not complaining considering the amazing value, £66.50 for 100ml means you can drench yourself in this badboy & still have plenty left.

From someone  who has previously dodged Issey Miyake’s fragrances in the past, (l’eau d’issey pour homme takes me back to my clubbing days, where everyone wore it!) i’ll definitely be more inclined to trying his future releases, this one will definitely remain as a wash-bag daily essential.

Solo Loewe ‘Cedro’

Out of the 3 fragrances received, this has to be my favourite. It distinct and it smells original. Since vanilla & tonka is always at the top of my list when it comes to scents, a lot of aftershaves I choose tend to smell a little samey, however, Cedro smells unique. It’s woody & manly without smelling overly masculine like those fragrances your granddad wore at Christmas (My granddad swam in old spice & fake tan, but that’s another story)

With top notes of tangerine, nutmeg & pink pepper, heart notes of basil & lavender & base notes of cedar, its that scent that catches your nose when you least expect it & when it does, you can’t help but feel wonderful. Although I did wear through the day, I’d say Cedro should be worn at night, especially when you’re dressed up feeling sexy, its a delectable scent that I s\can still smell on my clothes days after using, like a beautiful memory that keeps on giving.

Cedro is now one my new favourites, thank you so much Fragrance Shop for introducing me!


This was my least favourite of the three & not because I didn’t like it, I just found it didn’t last long on my skin.

Upon spraying I received an immediate botanical hit from green mountain juniper, once this top note wears off,  violet, patchouli & amber linger on, but its stark freshness only gives you a hint of scent a few hours later.

Created to reinterpret the classic  L.12.12 polo shirt created by  tennis champion & innovator Rene Lacoste, I think its a perfect addition to your wash-bag if you like a fresh, zesty EDT. It’s simple, elegant & far from overpowering, which around the office is ideal, since the last thing you want is to ram your aftershave down your colleagues throats.  Despite this, I do need something that packs more of a punch which sticks around just a little longer, I feel this little bottle runs for the hills before you’ve even had chance to offer a cup of tea, leaving little trace of its memory.

Its a neat little fragrance with a great opening, one that I’d been happy to use going about my daily bits and bobs, give it a go and let me know what you think!

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  1. Loved reading this! – Great first post!!!


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