Absurd Bird Leeds

You might have seen on my instagram feed that I fell foul (excuse the pun) of that horrendous 48hr sickness bug (I was a mess & I needed an exorcism or some shaman witch doctor to get rid of the stomach demon!) Anyway,  pints of bile later (sorry, I’m just being honest!) zero food and a lot of rest,  I finally felt myself again…HUNGRY & the wonderful people at Absurd Bird sorted me right out! I was invited to their amazing fried chicken shack situated in the wonderfully diverse Trinity Kitchen Leeds, ready to indulge in a bit of crispy chicken goodness & damn did I indulge!

The bounty that sat before me was a sight to behold, I was given a vast array of fried chicken goodness, from their BBQ chicken burger, the classic chicken waffle tray covered in a cheesy honey mustard sauce with a spring onion and a nacho crumb, a big helping of sour cream guacamole & jalapeno loaded fries, buttermilk chicken wings & a moonshine  chicken waffle wrap, its fair to say I was swimming in a whole lot of chicken and I LOVED every minute of it!

Absurd Bird is different, their idea mixes humour, distinctively diverse ingredients with good old-fashioned fried chicken and the result, well, pure chicken absurdness! They also offer an array of excellent meal deals through the week and they even serve a range of epic COCK-tails (obviously referring to the bird variety! you filthy lot)

If you enjoy fried chicken then you have to check these guys out in Leeds, London, Bath, Exeter and Glasgow,  honestly, they are absurdly interesting and a taste you’ll certainly remember, fried chicken hasn’t tasted this weird and delicious at the same time!

Absurd Bird Unit TK5, Trinity Leeds / Trinity Kitchen, 27 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5ER 



1 thought on “Absurd Bird Leeds

  1. That food was out of this world!!! Great review!


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