Junkyard Golf Club- The Leeds Launch

I’m probably not the sportiest of people, I failed at football (although as a hefty child I was alright in goals, since the ball couldn’t squeeze past my chubby exterior) Rugby was  bit too rough & guaranteed to messed my hair up, which was a definite no-no.  I failed miserably at track, unless I was running to the canteen for a second helping of chips & gravy (and a dollop of mayonnaise…what?…I had issues!) so golf (well crazy golf I should say) has always been a sport that has welcomed me with open arms and I’ve always fared quite well on the odd occasions that I’ve played.  With this in mind I was looking forward to checking out the new Junk Yard Golf Club in Leeds & getting my CRAZY on!

The club itself is like nothing I’ve seen before, basically, its a playground for adults,  instead of ball-pits, its crazy golf & instead of fruit shoots its cocktails and beer, sounds like paradise right? RIGHT! They’ve got the vibe perfected here,  with some old & new tracks belting out, some tracks were even played by a brass band,  listening to ‘Gold Digga’ through a trumpet was definitely a highlight.

The drinks are another level too, with draught available and a good selections of bottles on display, however, it was the cocktails that really piqued my interest. All fully loaded with colourful shots and mounds of vintage goodies like popping candy, parma-violets & fizzy milkshake bottles, they were pretty dreamy (‘Porn in the USA’ was my favourite; Absolute Vanilla, Passoa, Passion Fruit & Cream-Soda, need I same anymore other than YASSSSSS!)

After drinking a few more cocktails and nibbling on the delicious nachos and hot dogs on offer, we then hit the ‘Bozo’ course, ready for 9 holes based on scary clowns and circus freaks, with a skull ferris wheel & terrifying clowns around every corner,  it was certainly a fun and slightly unsettling game (I’d like to thank Penny-wise for my 30 year clown phobia- & my mum for letting me watch it at the ripe old age of 4 years of age!)

The course was a lot of fun to play, it was also great having a laugh with different players who you chatted to whilst waiting your turn & with the drinks hut at putting distance, a few cold bottles and few close hole in ones later….I WON. I didn’t manage to hit a hole in one (I’ll blame the number of drinks I sank) but I managed to complete most of the holes in 2-3 attempts, which wasn’t too bad at all! It looks like me and crazy golf is my sport after all & now its on my doorstep  I’ll have to complete the other courses to improve my skills & maintain my champion status!

All in all if you want to do something different in the City & looking to have a laugh with your family or mates, get yourself down to the Junk Yard Golf Club, nothing will be PUTT-ing me off (I held back so many golfing puns So I had to squeeze just one in!)

Junk Yard golf Club, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL


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