Halier Men- Fortive Serum

Hair is funny old thing, when you get it right, its wonderful, the average walk down the street feel like your strutting down a runway, with your head held high and your crowning glory radiating & glowing… & selfies…well a good hair day is proven by the number of selfies taken, when its on point you are on point.

But those occasions when your hair isn’t going your way can sour your day like a mouthful of orange juice after you’ve brushed  your teeth (don’t attempt this if you haven’t accidentally done it previously, its basically like tasting your own bile) That bad hair feeling can sink right into your bones, so whats the answer? Make sure you limit those bad hair days! How?  Well, see below:

Make sure you use products that give life to your hair, not take it away! There are so many cheap products out there than can weigh your hair down with artificial nonsense, preventing your hair from ever looking its best. Make sure you look for hair products that use natural harmless ingredients (you may have to pay a premium, but its your hair & what you put on it can also make its way inside you too) you wouldn’t eat a block of plastic (plastic burger cheese DOES not count) so think about it before you rub a whole world of synthetic into your hair & scalp.

This brings me nicely onto Halier. These guys are experts in their field, with beautiful & healthy hair being their driving force and passion. Premium ingredients are used in their products which  strengthen, maintain and create wonderfully beautiful hair. Halier relies on nature & breakthrough scientific studies  to create their own unique combinations & with a plethora  of supporters from customers,  hairdressers and tricologists, its no wonder that I’m reaping the benefits too.

I’ve been using the Fortive serum for a few weeks, applied to damp hair and massaged into the scalp, its designed to strengthen the hair, improve scalp condition & boost hair growth, although I don’t have any issues with hair loss, I’m always a believer in preventative measures (lets maintain instead of reacting when its gone!) however, since using the serum, my hair feels a lot stronger (my hair is colour treated so its definitely feeling the benefits!)

The serum is full of ingredients like; flavonoids, peptides, water cress extract, nasturtium extract, biotin & argon oil, naming just a few. Those little bottles are stuffed full of hair goodness, packed full of  vitamins B A D E K, also folic acid/Zinc/calcium/potassium & proteins which all help to stimulate the hair follicle to grow whilst the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties  sooth irritation improving overall scalp health. The key ingredients all work together in harmony to make hair fuller thicker & more flexible they also facilitate keratin production which strengthens the hair- preventing hair-loss and breakage overall, which is music to my ears.

The Halier website is extremely informative & they are on hand to answer any questions you might have after reading my blog. I’d definitely recommend these guys as a trust-worthy breakthrough brand that wants to help you achieve hair perfection.

Now if you can excuse me, I need to take the cat walk down to the corner shop, I need me some pita bread! (any excuse to waft my locks around!)


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