Yellow Tail – Rose Wine Launch

I’m not a wine connoisseur, however,  I have adapted a taste for dry white wine, the drier the better. In-fact so dry, that the wine starts to evaporate when the lid comes off, actually,  so dry that I like to hear my teeth squeak after my first few sips.

Well, that was until [yellow tail] sent me their new Rose to try. Its fruity, vibrant and deliciously drinkable and I love it.

Yellow Tail first launched in 2001, in the small Australian town of Yenda. The Casella family had been making wine for generations and it is here that [yellow tail] was created with a simple philosophy – to make great wines for everyone to enjoy, which they did pretty quickly! Selling 200,000 cases initially  the following year they sold 2.2 million and currently they sell 8 million cases in America alone, so their success has been pretty incredible.

If your my age, you’ll probably your remember finding a bottle of [yellow tail] Merlot in your parents ‘drinks’ cabinet, I’ll never forget my first [yellow tail] hangover, especially after some pretty special house parties in my parents absence!

If you enjoy a rose, you’ll always expect a fruity freshness & [yellow tail] gets this perfectly right, its everything a great rose should be – vibrant, refreshing and easy to drink, swimming in white peach, red cherries & strawberries, reminiscent of summer, each glass (served cold) makes me wish I was sat on my doorstep in the warm evening sun again.

Enjoy this rose with any meal, except with breakfast, however, if you do, there’s no judgement here, I love you. (just drink responsibly, okay!)

Available in all supermarkets (prices start from £6.00)

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