Polo Ralph Lauren- Store Opening, Leeds

Polo Ralph Lauren conjures up a plethora of images from my childhood, who remember that knitted sweater with the American flag? Or the stripe Ralph rugby shirt that your dad wanted so badly that he’d happily sell your mum for?

A long time ago I applied for an assistant buyer role for Ralph, little did I know but the buying office was situated above the flag ship store in Mayfair, London, needless to say I didn’t get the job (I absolutely didn’t have enough experience, but you can’t knock me for trying!) but for an hour and a half before the interview I browsed the store underneath and fell in love with concept. I felt like I was in a gorgeously lavish gentlemen’s club, kitted out with sturdy oak tables & beautifully leather studded seats. I remember the endless colours ways of the staple polo shirt folded pristinely in their little pigeon holes & wondered how long it took to fold everything so perfectly. I gave kudos to the visual merchandiser, but I recognised this was Ralph’s sole vision, to sell the dream and I was sold, hook line and sinker.

So when I was invited by the Ralph team to check out the new Polo Ralph Lauren store in the Victoria Quarter Leeds I jumped at the chance, I mean my head hit the god damn ceiling, in fact my head spun 360 degrees and my brain started spilling from my nose (that’s an over exaggerated example to give you a graphic idea of the excitement I felt)

I was also lucky enough to visit the store with Tom Sheard who was also asked to attend. Walking into the store I was greeted by the sales assistants who welcomed us in with huge smiles and were the physical advertisements for the brand, they were dressed impeccably & oozed style & class. I was sold at first glance & I felt like asking if I could be adopted into their Ralph family, I would have happily lived amongst the polo sticks & mahogany and leather studded chairs, it felt so cosy & lusciously luxury at the same time, my kind of paradise.

We were then introduced to Alexandra, the Senior press & PR manager for Ralph; model gorgeous & wearing the most beautiful corduroy trousers and the teddy jumper which I had already eyed up on my way into the store! After some interesting conversations about the store itself we were told to shop…& shop we did.

In terms of collections; there was so much more to Polo Ralph Lauren than I first realised, from slim fitting tapered denim jeans, to slim fit camo trousers and a corduroy spartan bomber that I immediately began to obsess over.  Camo ‘down’ jackets adorned one rail & stood out with a bright yellow polo player logo which looked fresh and youthful, something I didn’t quite expect but snatched immediately to try on for myself. There was a vast array of traditional polo shirts in every colour you could imagine & soft touch versions which looked like they fitted close to the body, I love a slim silhouette (so I whacked that in my trolley to try as well!)

Whilst we finished browsing the rails, the changing rooms were laid out with all of our choices, all ready for us to try & strut around in the gigantic fitting rooms. Champagne was brought in to us which took the experience to another level, if I didn’t already feel special, I certainly felt like I was living out a dream, clothes, drinks & a stunning atmosphere, I was certainly not dreaming but living out a perfect hour in the most perfect of surroundings.

I eventually made my choices which included; camo trousers, a spartan corduroy bomber, a teddy bear jumper, a soft touch polo shirt & a teddy keyring. It was all wrapped individually and placed into a huge Polo Ralph bag ready to
take home. Now normally I can’t wait to take everything out of the shopping bag and introduce my goodies to their new adopted wardrobe, but it all looked so gorgeous wrapped up that I had to keep it all confined within the walls of the bag for a few extra days, until I had the balls to unleash my beautiful gifts in their new home.

Honestly, I had a wonderful experience in the Polo Ralph store, I’ve chosen some quality timeless & playful pieces which fit perfectly. If you want a beautiful shopping experience, in a stunning location with a gorgeous atmosphere then get your selfs over to Polo Ralph Lauren store in Leeds. Now.

The question is, what do you think to my outfit choices?

Polo Ralph Lauren, County Arcade, 34-36 Victoria Quarter, Leeds LS1 6BH 


2 thoughts on “Polo Ralph Lauren- Store Opening, Leeds

  1. Amazing!!! Lovely to read. Sounds incredible


    1. Aw thanks so much babe!!

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