Blue Inc Clothing

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not a brand snob and never will be, I live solely on the premise that if something fits me well (and the material doesn’t fall apart like tissue paper) then I’m a fan, if I wear something that lasts only once after a wash, then it’s dead to me & will be used as a kitchen rag faster than the time it takes me to eat 4 dominoes cookies (& I can inhale them little scoundrels in about 5 seconds)

Since I’m privileged enough to receive the odd gift in the post from brands, it’s been really lovely to see the amount of great home grown brands we have in the UK, especially brands that offer incredible retail prices without scrimping on quality & fit.

Blue Inc. clothing is one of those brands & to prove the quality is tip top; their t-shirts have enjoyed 3 rounds in the washing machine (& tumble drier) & their still good as new. In a short amount of time they have become my firm favourites, worn with jeans for a chilled casual look, or even teamed with smart trousers for a more tailored classic look, they are perfectly versatile and fit my frame beautifully (normally I wear a size small, but I opted for XS which cut closer since they were a normal fit) & for £5?!! like seriously, I’d spend more on a trip to the cinema! I have their plain pocket front T-shirt’s in burgundy and white. Simple. Fashionable. Lovely & Lush.

I also tried their skinny raw denim jeans & again, I was genuinely impressed. I always find that ‘skinny’ fit sometimes misses the mark & still gather at the ankle or need tailoring in at the calf down to the ankle (& that’s NOT because I have chicken legs, because I don’t, their pretty shapely actually!) I never have this issue with the Blue Inc skinnies and coming in at under £15 they are a bargain. They fit like skinnies do without looking like a Simon Cowell bootcut, so keep your Cuban heals firmly locked away; because they are NOT needed here.

If like me your stock piling for those winter layers, then I can’t recommend their jumpers enough. I found a right little gem in their sub brand section called ‘Miller & Rise’. A fisherman’s knit in a nautical navy that felt and looked like a top notch luxury knit. It fits well, looks good and feels even better on, none of that scratchy acrylic that brings back memories of those hideous jumpers your mum forced you to wear when you were a nipper; where every movement burnt another hole into your back. No. No No. Just soft, warm and fashionable. Everything you want in a jumper without breaking the bank (under £20)

Beauts, give these guys a browse, they have so much to offer at prices that you really can’t argue and a quality that you won’t quite believe. I’m off to daydream about dominoes cookies…mmmh…cookies.

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