Stan’s Chrismas Gift Guide 2018

Oh my lordddd where the hell did December come from?! AND how on EARTH is it only 20 days until Christmas??! Have I been in a coma throughout November?! Ok, as you can tell, I’m all in a tizz and genuinely completely unorganised (nothing new there then!) I’ve had a brilliant couple of shopping trips that has resulted in a few things for myself, because if all else fails, you know exactly what you need and want & that way you don’t come back empty-handed from the shopping trip! I call a trip like that successful. Until the shopping high fizzles out and you realise how bleak it looks under the Christmas tree. You notice your wrapping paper is still wrapped firmly in its cellophane and your sticky tape is yet to get sticky (but you look GREAT in your new Topman find!)  uh oh.

Now I normally suggest a frantic panic, one, because I work better under pressure and two, because I love a little drama, however, I have found a few bits that I consider to be excellent gifts, so have a wee scroll through and see if anything catches your eye!

Photo 23-11-2018, 15 09 54

The Breton Shirt Co ‘ T-Shirt Rouge’

Gone are the days that red stripes scream ‘Where’s Wally’ I won’t lie, you are going to find some tit who finds that funny, I had one of those tits scream it at me in Amsterdam on the weekend, I heard ” I FOUND HIM!” to which I turned & smiled and was like “oh, ha-ha, witty, verrrry witty” however, all those silly ideas of red stripes put to one side, this T-shirt is gorgeous.  It’s made from 180gsm unbleached cotton, which gives it a slightly vintage vibe that I adore.  The Tee is pre-washed for softness, but it has a hard-wearing feel that you know will last you a lifetime (one of those items of clothes you’ll pull out of the closet after years and years, when you debate whether to get rid, but it’s completely intact and has too many memories attached within each thread for you to ever commit & get rid) well, this will be one of those items mark my words.  This beauty is rugged enough to take the constant washing, to take on holidays, nights out, walking, whatever, you have in store for it, this gorgeous tee will be resilient.

It also reminds me of my granddad, a true seaman, his life was made for the water & I can’t help but think of Ronnie anchoring up and hitting land, rolling up the sleeves higher to catch the rays on his upper arms (and to show off his sailor tattoos) cig in mouth and hitting the town. Although this is just my imagination, the history of the Breton Shirt is synonymous with seafarers and sailors across the north of France. The orignal design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleons victories, however, variations of the style were adopted by coastal communities across the globe, which is how nautical stripes became such a chic and sophisticated staple for many people today.

Started in 1988 and based on sustainability and supporting the local community, Breton uses the brand ‘Club De Mer’, ensuring all their garments are made on the Atlantic cost by a small family business, using locally sourced material and skilled craftspeople, another reason why this t-shirt has made it on my Christmas list.

Check out the website for a choice of all other stripe variations, long-sleeved and short sleeve, whichever you choose, they have definitely one thing in common, quality and its unmistakable! Here’s to you granddad 🙂

£30 (you can pay extra to have initials added in embroidery too, just to make it extra special!)

Photo 23-11-2018, 15 12 01

Pitt London – Natural Deodorant Balm

This is a totally unique gift and one for those who appreciate an eco-friendlier approach to their grooming ritual. As you may/may not know, standard deodorants use a lot of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, plastics and a whole host of incomprehensible ingredients (have you ever looked on the back of lynx can?) you’ll have more luck understanding hieroglyphics than you would trying to work out what half of these additives are that you’re spraying onto your skin, this is what makes Pitt London different.

These clever lads have a clean and simple approach;

Natural ingredients Using the best of botanicals, shea butter, arrowroot powder, Sicilian lemon & rosemary leaf essential oils & calendula. A beautiful mix of absorbent moisturising and deodorising botanical ingredients that are good to your body.

Aluminium Free- Aluminium salts in commercial antiperspirants work by blocking sweat glands to stop natural perspiration, using their natural concoctions, Pitt London do not want to interfere with our bodies natural function, so they use clean natural alternatives to help deal with perspiration, job done.

The company is also plastic free, in their packaging, as well as their ingredients, which means they do not contribute to the plastic crisis which is an incredible bonus, in a world where plastic is threatening to destroy our seas & our environment,  this is music to my ears! Oh & it’s also stain free, so say goodbye to those yellow stains that won’t wash out of your favourite clothes.

If this doesn’t sound like reason enough to support the brand, it’s important to add that the applicator used to apply the deodorant is inspired by Gua Sha. A traditional technique adopted from china. By moving the applicator around the area of required application it releases stagnation in the blood. A recent study showed a 400% increase in microcirculation where all subjects reported a decrease or resolution of pain and an increased sense of wellbeing. The applicator is made from 100% brass plated copper & is simple to keep clean and apply the natural deodorant, whenever you need to use.

Although this has made it on to my gift list, you might struggle to buy this anywhere since it is due for release next year, however, they are on & have managed to raise ALOT of money from pledges and selling some start-up packs. Head over to the link below where you can pre-order or purchase a 1-2 months’ supply, with an applicator for only £29.

It’s definitely time we all made an effort to look after ourselves and the planet, to make sure that we support and back products that are created with our health in mind, plus it smells incredible & does the job tremendously, without the damage traditional antiperspirants can cause. Jump on board the revolution guys!

Photo 23-11-2018, 15 11 07

Sovereigne- Leather Wallets & Card Holders

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, have probably already seen my campaign I put together for Sovereigne & their gorgeous wallets.

I’ve always been a bit funny about carrying a wallet, I usually feel torn between a few scenarios:

1- If everything is in one place, then if I happened to misplace it, then everything is gone

2- I always lose my card, so keeping it in a secure wallet will prevent that scenario from ever happening (unless I lose my wallet…mmmh)

3- I love wearing skinny jeans and a large wallet which bulges in my pocket just looks horrendous

4- A wallet keeps everything organised

5- I don’t want a bulky wallet that takes me ages flicking through the internal slits and openings, just to find my god damn Nando’s card!

The above has always haunted me when it comes to investing in a wallet and then low and behold, Sovereigne sends me one of their card wallets, in a gorgeous green leather & then it all makes sense.

Goodbye to oversized clumpy wallets, with a gaping coin pocket and enough space to store 1,000 pointless store cards & hello to a sleek, thin, impeccably made (100% leather) card wallet, that stores your card & cash perfectly without needing its own postcode. It just slides in and out of my pocket effortlessly.

The most valuable part of the wallet is the workmanship involved. Every single one of Sovereignes’ products are handmade with genuine leather by experienced master artisans, with in-house experts that design and ensure from idea to final stitch that each product is of the most impeccable quality (and it really does feel like that when you receive your purchase)

..and for only £45 GBP it’s an absolute steal! Grab this for the perfect gift for a man who requires, sleek, gorgeous & organisation in his life, its bloody perfect.

Photo 23-11-2018, 15 07 59

Last Sole – Footwear

Those of you who know me know that I love footwear. I used to be a men’s footwear assistant buyer where I helped design and buy footwear that would become brilliant sellers for the companies I worked for. Since I loved learning about what makes a shoe, from the sole unit up, I’ve always had a special infinity with shoes and I’ve never been shy to take a risk. I won’t lie though, a croc is a step too far (oh and strappy Jesus sandal) absolutely not.

However, if they appeared on the next Versace runway show, then I could be tempted (that is a complete lie by the way) complete respect to the croc lovers though, no disrespect intended, they have always just made me dry heave.
Anyway! I pretty much have an eclectic taste when it comes to footwear. I love a good bulky Balenciaga style trainer, military style boots, or walking boots, to minimalist sneakers that can blend together an outfit.
So, when it comes to design concepts, ‘Last Sole’ are definitely my bag. They are a gender-neutral luxury footwear company that create essential designs that eliminate the gender gap. Using vegetable tanned leather as it ‘main ingredient’ last sole have created a specialist line of truly luxurious, long-lasting footwear that is kind to sensitive skin as well as considerate to the environment.

The colours flow within the raw quality of the leather, staying within neutral shades and range from nude to black through to delicate grey. Creating soft silhouettes that allow the distinct texture of the leather to be exposed.
My favourite shoe from the range is the Slip-On sneaker in grey, made with a neoprene sock & Italian vegetable tanned leather detail. This really is a perfectly tonal silhouette, that can elevate most outfits to the next level.
As with any shoe, comfort is a must and with the vulcanised rubber sole unit, supporting the delicate soft upper, this shoe is gorgeously comfortable as well, which nails both the aesthetic and comfort element it one fatal swoop.
I feel like these will become my new reading slip-ons, or my sleeping shoes, or maybe my out-outs and my casual days, basically, I want to wear these all the time, not just because of how comfortable they are, but because they go with just about anything. Just don’t wear them in the shower, I took my obsession too far. (jokes!)
Treat yourself or your loved ones to a pair of beautiful luxury gender neutral footwear, you won’t regret it, you’ll just strut around like Naomi for days.


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