YurtBar – Leeds


If like me you’ve enjoyed a party or two (or three…or four…or five) this festive season, then you’ve most probably been in good surroundings with good people. Enjoying the company of your friends, colleagues and family in the many beautiful restaurants, bars & venues across the country. In Leeds there are a number of gorgeous venues, however, it’s always delightful to enjoy a completely unique experience, so, without further ado, let me introduce you to; YurtBar , Leeds.

As someone famous once said “There aint no party like a Yurt party!” (I may have misquoted S Club 7, but you get the gist!) Now unless your familiar with unusual party setting’s you’re probably googling a Yurt, however, leave it to me to happily explain…

A Yurt is in a fact a circular tent on a collapsible frame, traditionally used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia & Turkey. Now I’m not suggesting you travel to the opposite ends of the earth to party in a tent, I’m talking about YurtBar, the ULTIMATE Christmas party experience- in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The YurtBar pops up in the grounds of Moor Allerton Golf Club, complete with pine trees, roaring fires and cosy sheep skin rugs, with an alpine theme through-out which is inspired by the pine cloaked slopes and snow-capped peaks of the Alps.


I experienced by first YurtBar only a week or so ago and it’s something I’ll never forget. Walking into the Yurt I was immediately presented with a large gin cocktail and a roaring log fire, the warmth and cosiness transported me to a completely different location- I felt a million miles away from home and I fell in love.

Photo 06-12-2018, 19 13 30

Leaving the main entrance, you begin walking through interconnecting Yurts, which makes the venue feel humungous. Every room is completely kitted out with fairy lights, log burners, rugs and fur wraps, which really adds to the ‘Alps’ theme the venue wanted to replicate. As you wander through to the bar area you are greeted with a huge antler chandelier which adorns the centre of the Yurt and overlooks the bar, it’s a true masterpiece which blew me away. I think I must have stood taking staring at the chandelier for a few minutes before diverting my gaze to the incredible bar, which looked like it had been rooted in the venue for years, not days,  with gorgeous wood cladding, beer on draught and smiley happy faces ready to create a plethora of delicious cocktails of my choice, I was in heaven!

Photo 06-12-2018, 19 13 51

If like me you enjoy a good dance, then you will LOVE the party room with a very large dance floor and a huge DJ booth, which had the lights and atmosphere of an actual club, it’s the perfect place to move like Jagger and dance around to a mix of hits and Christmas themed bangers & I certainly did just that. I spent most of my time here (obviously!) making friends with other groups of people who were all full of festive cheer and having one hell of an incredible time, a common theme we all shared.

As a perfectionist, for me the key to any venue is the detail & YurtBar specialises in detail, even down to the toilets, which have a state of the art television screen in the mirrors, perfect whilst your washing your hands, it wasn’t just my hands the had a blow dry, my mind was blown too! The whole concept for me was phenomenal, it was hard to believe this was a pop up event, not a venue that was well established and embedded within the environment, I couldn’t understand how it would all be removed and disappear, but this is the beauty of the YurtBar, you have a small window to experience it & if you miss out, it’s gone!

The food was delicious, there was a platter of starters ranging from baked brie, homemade ham hock terrine, home cured beetroot & fennel salmon & plenty of dips, bread and beetroot crisps. For main I slobbered over the ‘Bourguignon of Beef’ which just melted in my mouth. Desserts consisted of chocolate brownies, pecan pies, Christmas twists, lemon meringue pies & chocolate hazelnut & baileys tartlets, all so gorgeously presented, and which tasted like heaven. The starters and desserts came as a sharing platter, so it gave me a chance to chat and embrace the people I was sat with, even if you don’t know many people, I think it would be hard not to make a few friends during the dinner alone. I spent a lot of time nattering and belly laughing over everyone’s stories and a shared appreciation for the YurtBar, its hard not to be impressed and blown away by the environment we all were so privileged to share.

Overall, part of me wishes the YurtBar was a venue I could visit through-out the year since I really connected with the environment, I loved the warmth, the atmosphere was rich with delight and Christmas spirit, but I think knowing it comes around over Christmas time only makes the event even more special & exclusive.

If you want to attend somewhere completely unique for a Christmas celebration like no other, whether its for a work party, or for friends & family, you must book and experience the YurtBar for yourself, you’ll be filled with a sense of warmth (which might have been helped the jagers as well!) which last days after you leave. An experience you will not forget in a hurry! I’m already excited for Christmas 2019!


YurtBar, Yew Tree House, Aldfield, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 3BE

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