Chuckaboo Natural Stone Bracelets

Today I’m thinking about accessories and how I love them dearly. I love wearing stand out clothing, but sometimes I like to take my clothing down a notch and let the accessories do the talking, especially when it comes to unique and interesting jewellery.

Jewellery can be a little hit or miss & I’ve missed the mark PLENTY of times. Who remembers the rosary bead trend? Well actually, the all things ‘holy’ trend?  including bracelets endorsed with scenes of Christ and his disciples? Well, I fully bought into the trend and I loved cramming those bad boy bracelets (up to 6 at a time) along my wrist and I didn’t stop there, I paired my bracelets with two or three different length rosary bead necklaces all dangling on my bare chest which was exposed by the deepest V t-shirt you’ve ever seen, tit tape was certainly a necessity back then, after getting into a lot of bother with nip slips in the clubs around Cardiff! But I didn’t care, I loved my church jewellery, despite looking like I worked for the Vatican.

Fast forward to 2019 and look at the trends available to men, the choices are endless and vast, with new quirky designs available on the high street for every season. A trend that I’ve noticed growing steady in popularity is the ‘natural stone’ trend. whether its Tiger’s Eye drop pendants, or rings embellished with natural quartz and turquoise, I think people are connecting with the natural beauty and energy they can provide. I’m not saying we’re all turning into new age hippies, where we rub howlite and labradorite to help us fight another day, however, I think our fascination with natural stones have increased what with the rise in improving our planets health and changing our lifestyles to make a conscious change. The planet is in a fragile position, so with the increase in recycling, pollution awareness and just basically ‘giving back more to the world’ since it has been ‘take’ for so long- we are connecting more with the natural world, hence why I believe the love for natural stones in jewellery has soared.

I love nature & I love anything resonating with the past, stones are not new, they’ve been born from the earth and that’s where my love and connection with these stones come from and that is why I decided to design the natural stone bracelets for Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo. I’ve created two variations, the black; made from lava beads and slate grey labradorite and the white; made from howlite stone, both with gold plated copper beads & and gold aluminium cube with the ‘Chuckaboo’ branding. The bracelets were created to connect to the ‘natural’ ethos of the brand and also representing the core colours, especially the contrasting gold which you can throughout the beautiful Chuckaboo packaging.

Now, these aren’t just beautiful natural stone bracelets, like all stones, they have a natural presence and energy, opening spiritual awareness, inducing positivity and driving inner healing & mental stability, so you won’t just look impeccably accessorised, you’ll benefit from the incredible gifts natural stones have to offer as well, it’s the bracelet that keeps on giving.

If you can’t choose between the two bracelets, Chuckaboo have a bundle offer so you can enjoy both at a discount, but hurry, our newest batch is steadily decreasing so grab yours while stocks are available!

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