Victoria Gate Casino


I don’t know about you, but Casino’s conjure up images of dark gambling caves with an atmosphere thick with regret, loneliness and enjoyment, all sandwiched together with a promise of cheap ‘glitz and glamour’ and 70s style carpets with heady patterns designed to blend in drunk accidents.

Although this interpretation only stems from snippets I’ve seen in films and my few visits to casinos in the past (a long time ago) I would never have seen a casino as a true ‘destination’ and a place where I would meet friends for food, drinks, events or watching sports (as well as gamble). However, Victoria Gate Casino has done just that, and their vibe is quite contagious!

I was lucky enough to be invited to their Drag Queen Bingo day/night and experience a whole different casino concept, a place that was alive with an electric atmosphere, smiling faces and plenty on offer. Now, Drag Queen Bingo isn’t a normal occurrence for Victoria Gate Casino, however, bringing this type of event to the casino is a very bold move & it has opened their doors to a whole different clientele & I’m so glad they have! The event was vibrant and so much fun, the game of bingo was brought alive by scathing witty comments from the queens themselves, firing out numbers and insults along the way, which had us all howling!

Once the bingo ended, Patrick Noakes (Director of VGC) gave me and a bunch of local Leeds bloggers some roulette tips and demonstrations in the VIP room, another stunning area showcasing the events that could take place in the various nooks and crannies throughout the venue.

Is was extremely hard not to notice the food coming out of the casino’s ‘V’ Restaurant, I saw delicious gourmet meals being brought out to hungry customers, who appeared to come to the casino just for the food. Which made complete sense when I spotted the fillet steak sweeping down the restaurant towards one lucky (and delighted) man! The cocktails were also gorgeous and again, not what you’d expect from a casino! Bar tenders who mixed and created cocktails with a smile on their faces creating beautiful (and tasty) cocktails through-out the evening…nom nom nom.

The show girl’s cabaret show lit up the sports bar with its huge sports screens (the biggest in Leeds) and the area was large enough for everyone to dance around and enjoy themselves once the cabaret had ended & with the choice of poker tables and slot machines, VGC literally has something for everyone!

Ok I admit it, I’ve been completely proven wrong, Victoria Gate Casino is more than just a casino, it’s a stunning space that can cater for just about anyone and everything! Keep an eye out for upcoming events because I can guarantee they’ll be sell outs & I will most definitely see you there!

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