Label 5 – City Cocktail for Leeds

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As you know, I’m partial to a little cocktail now & again & as a Leeds dweller, I’ve enjoyed many a night out in this incredible city. Leeds is a bustling, vibrant city of unique & interesting places to drink eat & everything in between, so as you can imagine I was blown  away to be asked by Label M Whisky to recreate a bespoke new cocktail; created by award winning mixologist Thomas Gedney-Higham as part of the brands City Cocktail Campaign!

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The Leeds city cocktail has been unveiled as the ‘Old Rhubarb’, a fresh and fruity cocktail made with locally sourced rhubarb and of course label 5 whisky & port. For you Leeds lot wondering why rhubarb has been used in the mix, well prepare to have you minds blown!! (unless of course you know your Yorkshire history!) Leeds is part of the rhubarb triangle, yes this is a thing! (don’t worry, I’m not saying we have our own Bermuda triangle, where tonnes of rhubarb go missing sporadically) it is in fact an actual area of land in Yorkshire where forced Rhubarb was grown, in the first decade of the 20th century to 1939 the rhubarb industry expanded & at its peak covered an area of about 30 square miles.

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Although Rhubarb is a native of Siberia, it happened to thrive in the wet cold winters in Yorkshire. At one-point, West Yorkshire produced 90% of the world’s winter forced rhubarb from the forcing sheds that were common across the fields there! So, there we have it, rhubarb not only symbolises this wonderful city, but compliments the other ingredients SO well!

All you need to create this cocktail yourself is:

  • 40ml Label 5 Classic Black Scotch Whisky
  • 15ml Porto Cruz Tawny
  • 3 dashes of rhubarb sours
  • Sliced Orange

Just throw all of the liquid ingredients into a large cocktail shaker & add up to 3/4 of ice, use a Hawthorne strainer & strain the liquid from one shaker to the other, (this creates a thin run of liquid- allowing for oxidisation) once this is done just throw the drink on a large block of carved ice and finish with the orange twist, it really is that simple!

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Now all you need to do is enjoy your mouth-watering creation & get ready to make this cocktail for everyone who visits you from now on! The Old Rhubarb its deliciously fruity and drinkable (uh-oh) but even tastier knowing I’m drinking using ingredients with a historic tie to our wonderful city, Leeds.

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