Yard & Coop: Leeds Opening

Food fiends…

Yard & Coop is the holy grail of chicken. There, I’ve said it.

Photo 29-03-2019, 17 51 57

I won’t go into violent detail and over indulge you in chicken talk, or make chicken puns, like how CLUCKING good their food is, however, I will tell you exactly what you need to know.


Photo 07-03-2019, 18 15 21

Yard & Coop is like being at your nan’s house and then some. With cosy decor, including old fashioned lampshades, vintage pictures and exposed brick, it pays homage to the original building, but it has that lovely warm feeling you get when you feel safe and homely. The staff even pop over and take your order sat next to you, taking prescriptive order taking off the menu, which makes placing your order a relaxed and simple affair!

Photo 07-03-2019, 19 37 46

Now admittedly, I was asked to try the menu out on opening night, however, since then I have been back on my own accord, enjoying the buttermilk thigh breast, gravy, chips and the Bao buns (which are like delicious clouds of joy)

Photo 29-03-2019, 18 17 45

The chicken is obviously the hero here, however, the curried caulibombs are delicious. Never before would I order a side of veg with this sort of cuisine, but believe me, they are divine. 

Photo 07-03-2019, 20 12 53

Like I said, I’m really not going to overly describe or really even attempt to deliberately convince you to visit, because honestly, I wouldn’t send anyone anywhere to eat if I didn’t enjoy it myself, however, I challenge you not to go and NOT think about the meal after you’ve left.  

Photo 29-03-2019, 18 42 21

I certainly crave everything about Yard & Coop, because it’s delicious comfort food in deliciously comfortable surroundings.

So if you’re feeling PECKish I won’t EGG you on, but you need to get yourself down to visit Yard & Coop. I’m not being COCKY or HATCHING a plan to trick you, you just won’t compri-HEN-d the shear delight this place will instil in you.

Photo 29-03-2019, 17 52 13

(So sorry for the chicken puns, but I’ve fallen FOWL to this amazing place!)

Get yourself down now & enjoy your one stop chicken shop! 


6-8 Merrion Steet, Leeds LS1 6PQ

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