How To Wear Cropped Trousers

Back in the playground, if your trousers shrunk in the wash, or you had a growth spurt over the weekend and your school trousers had gone from grazing your shoe to hovering above your ankle, the screams of ‘Half -Mast Herbert’ could be heard echoing around the classrooms, mortified didn’t come close!

However, 20 years on, I can’t get enough of the cropped trouser and I want them shorter and shorter! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping to bring back the ‘pedal-pusher’, but the cropped trouser is happening whether you like it or not. If you’re already flaunting those beautiful ankles, then power to you, however, if you’re deciding to dabble in some cropped pants, here’s just a few ideas and tips to help you along the way, give your ankles the daylight its craving and embrace this wonderful trend!

Photo 12-05-2019, 15 30 44

If you’re going to choose an extreme crop, make sure you choose a tapered fit pant, this means the pant will fit true to your size. This tapered fit chino from Topman fits close and looks great paired with some causal suede loafers.

Photo 22-06-2019, 18 11 32

Don’t just go for plain cropped pants, be bold and choose prints! These pin stripe cropped pants with an elasticated waist from Topman look great worn smart or casual- a perfect cropped wardrobe staple!

Photo 10-06-2018, 17 50 03

The cropped trouser isn’t limited to casual styles, worn with a blazer it looks fashionable and smart, especially when paired with a classic white shirt and quality leather loafers.

Photo 16-02-2019, 14 31 00

For those of you willing to push the boat out, why not choose a cropped casual jogging bottoms worn with socks- worn here with some soft Dr.Marten lace ups, this is perfect for those of you who don’t like to blend in!

Photo 03-11-2018, 15 51 53

Ideal for the party season, these cropped trousers are smart, structured and bold. Tapered to fit the legs perfect and grazing above the ankle, these are cropped pant poetry, check out Twisted Tailor if you want to make an entrance!

Photo 17-05-2019, 12 27 07

These causal but structured jogging bottoms from River Island fit the leg beautiful and graze above the ankle, making them a perfect choice for a day or night outfit! Worn with either loafers or good quality sneakers, this is a multi-functional look!

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