Straight To Curly Hair – For Men

Since wearing my hair shorter so many people ask how I achieve my curly locks, now I’d love to say I wake up naturally to a head of ‘Annie’ curls, however, that’s definitely not the case! Naturally, my hair is a wavy, however, my routine just increases the movement and gives my hair that beachy tousled look!

I thought I’d put together a simple step-by-step with the products I use to hopefully help you unleash your inner beach boy!

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 27 15 (1)

Obviously,  I start with clean ‘just washed’ hair, this pose symbolises how ‘fresh’ I feel.

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 29 43 (1)

I use ‘Got2b‘ twisted curling mouse, I find this gives me the beachy look I want, without that awful 80’s crispiness!

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 31 25 (1)

I like to use about this much mouse, obviously just trial it first! I find that this amount works for me though and doesn’t overload my hair.

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 33 28 (1)

Just rub the mouse into your hair, I like to get it right in there, from the root upwards!

Now get your hair drier and get drying! (or singing)

I crunch my hair in areas as its drying, I also tousle certain patches around my fingers too, this helps shape some of your curls!

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 38 08 (1)

This is a dramatic example of me scrunching my hair as its drying, but seriously, this movement really does enhance some of your natural waves and gives your hair some texture once its dried.

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 42 27

Once its dry I then use ‘Got2B‘ volumizing styling powder, I just sprinkle some into my hair (be careful though, if you use too much it can feel chalky!)

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 43 42

I literally sprinkle the powder from the front of my hair to the back, then scrunch my hair and swirl my hair around my fingers, I find sticking your tongue out whilst your shaking out the powder also helps achieve those beachy curls!

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 47 50

Once my hair starts looking textured and ‘beachy’ I then grab my ‘Fudge Urban’ ‘Matte Up’ clay, just a little on your finger goes along way, so don’t blob it on!

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 48 20 (1)

I use about this much clay, its super-strong and adds some matt definition to areas I want to see some defined curls! Just remember to rub the clay into your finger tips before tweaking those curls (Don’t just dump this blob straight onto your hair otherwise you’ll look like a tit).

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 48 51 (1)

I tend to target random areas, you’ll find that the clay really keeps your hair in place! Add some more clay until you’re satisfied and you’ve defined the sh*t out of your mane.

Photo 20-07-2019, 12 46 53…TAAA-DAAHHH!  Tousled, beachy and curly hair, what do you lot think?

If you’ve tried this guide then please let me know how you get on in the comments below!

Lots of love x


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