Our Scottish Adventure to Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen my wee adventure to the Scottish Highlands, where myself Tom and Marlin visited the incredible Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages in Strachan, Banchory. 

Voted in the ‘top 25 cottages’ in the UK, Glen Dye is like something straight out of the movies.  I don’t think I can liken it to anything else, its just a truly special place.

Remember those heart-warming movies  featuring cottages nestled in a magical forest, draped in fairy lights with wonderful waterfalls and a babbling brook that bubbles and swirls throughout the forest, lulling you to sleep when the forest lays still and quiet on a summer evening?Well we lived that fantasy and it was nothing short of magical.

Photo 26-07-2019, 17 29 08

Glen Dye is a privately owned estate of around 30,000 acres with cabins and cottages located at the very centre, engulfed by the peaceful wilderness forest and moorland on the banks of the River Dye, it feels wild, vast and incredibly peaceful- perfect for a weekend to unwind and immerse yourself in nature.

We stayed in a 1955 converted air-stream camper-van with a giant bed nestled inside, there was also a converted estate sawmill on site and a fully restored foresters’ kitchen and sitting room. Outside there was a free flowing natural shower that poured directly from the river, umpteen BBQ’s (including the ‘egg’ BBQ) there was the famous wood-fired hot tub and for pizza addicts- an outside pizza oven, I mean, this was more than a movie, it was actually heaven.

Photo 27-07-2019, 10 07 39 (1)

On arrival it was obvious that the lovely owners wanted their guests to feel completely at home and to make the arrival process as stress-free as possible. From own-branded Glen Dye shower gels, towels and toilet tissues to the picnic blankets, dog treats and homely hamper that was packed with wine, Scottish short bread, fresh bread and jams. Since we had so much on arrival, we only needed to grab a few bits that evening, so we relaxed around an open fire and munched on warm bread, sweet jams and deliciously chilled wine, what else could we do but feel content.

Before we arrived we planned to visit the coastline and explore hidden castles and historic walks, but waking up at Glen Dye we desperately wanted to stay closer to home and enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings and more importantly, relax. Instead we walked Marlin around the forest and ventured into Banchory, the nearest Town. We sampled the local food, enjoyed ice cream and supped Aperol Spritz from the wine bars, the sun was blazing, and the Scottish hospitality was second to none and I don’t think either of us stopped smiling.

We came back to the Sawmill on the Saturday evening and started chopping wood for the open fire. Sipping on some more wine we began heating up the wood-burning hot tub and I then took control of the pizza dough, so we could enjoy some homemade pizza.  There’s something beautifully therapeutic about wandering around under a canopy of trees, placing logs of hand cut chopped wood onto the flames and testing the heat of the hot tub, preparing toppings for the pizza and playing with the dog in the stream.

Photo 27-07-2019, 21 00 17Photo 27-07-2019, 21 01 27

Afterwards we sat and ate our delicious pizza’s and toasted giant marshmallows (that came in the hamper) until the wee hours, we sat listening to our acoustic playlist that echoed quietly around the cedar forest until our fire crackled and diminished to embers and we retired back to the air-stream, where we enjoyed the deepest sleep in our supersized bed.

Photo 27-07-2019, 17 18 18 (1)Photo 27-07-2019, 21 22 49 (1)

It was strange how quickly we adapted to the lack of internet over the 2 days, instead we busied ourselves with making our own fires, we danced around the vintage record player and made the most of our beautiful natural surroundings. I desperately craved more time to carry on living out this beautiful dream, where we could carry on eating dinner under the stars and relaxing in the hot tub to the sound of the branches above us, swishing and whispering quietly, creating a calmness that I still long for, even now.

It’s safe to say I miss Glen Dye immensely and I know whoever you are, whatever tastes you have, Glen Dye will engulf you and find its way into your soul.

Photo 27-07-2019, 21 26 43

Catering for large parties, families, or just couples, Glen Dye also caters for events, parties, (whatever you’re thinking I can guarantee they’ll make it work), just make sure you’re prepared to become completely obsessed, because I still am.


1 thought on “Our Scottish Adventure to Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages

  1. This makes me want to go back SO bad. Beautiful post.


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