8 Reasons Why I love Greece

If you’ve been following my stories and posts on Instagram, you might have noticed my little cruise around the Greek Islands. Yes, Greece! Did I mention I went to Greece? Did you know I LOVED Greece? G R E E C E (and breathe).

As you may/may not know, I love Greece. Part of me has believed for a while that I have Greek ancestry, not just because of my strong nose, or my natural olive skin (OK the skin I might be overplaying) but joking aside,  I’ve never felt so comfortable in a country as much as I do in Greece. It’s like my soul feels at home whenever I visit.

Since I have this little Greek obsession, I thought I’d just put together a little ‘8 Reasons Why’, which explains my love for the Islands and why I will keep on going back.

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Natural Beauty

I personally think that Greece has more natural beauty than anywhere else I’ve ever been in the world. Whether it’s looking at ancient ruins, burial grounds, monuments, or looking over Oia in Santorini during the sunset and walking through the ancient streets of Chania in Crete, Greece is just naturally gorgeous and one of the main reasons why I keep coming back, time and time again.

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Greece’s history is overwhelming. Known as the birth-place of democracy, Greece is responsible for some of the most incredible literature and architecture in the world. Since visiting,  I’ve seen some of the most stunning locations and buildings steeped in history, from Ancient Thira, in Santorini, The Acropolis in Athens and the ‘Hypocrites Tree’ which is known as the area where the original tree stood that Hippocrates sat under and taught the study of medicine to his pupils- in Kos . When I plan my trips I always invest a little time to discover what historic landmarks are close by, just to allow some time on my trip to visit and digest the phenomenal history the island has to offer.

Photo 17-09-2019, 10 49 40


If you’ve not been to Greece, then you must have sampled ‘Greek’ cuisine at some point in your life, whether you’ve eaten feta cheese, olives, moussaka or Dolmades (these are different in each region of Greece, however, the vine leaf parcels are amazing). If you have been lucky enough to visit the islands then you’ll agree that the grilled meats and fresh fish is just another level delicious, oh and the grilled octopus is to die for.

Photo 16-09-2019, 10 47 59

Greek food is just one of the main reasons I’d happily live out the rest of my days in this paradise. I’m more than content with the Greek diet, however, I’d have to hit the gym hard to stop myself from turning into a soft marshmallow, its easily done when the food tastes this good.

The People

It’s not just Greek history that is full of vibrancy and gorgeousness. The Greek people are warm and vibrant too. I’ve had some amazing conversations with lovely local people, many are extremely patriotic, so they’re always happy to give tips about where to visit and what to see, which is epic when you want to see less touristy places and get to see more of the ‘real’ Greece. I have always found the locals to be accommodating, warm and hardworking people, who have always added positively to my Greek experience.

Photo 15-09-2019, 10 13 36


What could be more Greek than the Greek flag? Bright white and beautiful blues. Mykonos and Santorini really play on these colours, which help to create those postcard perfect shots that you see all over the gram. Houses and shops are usually painted white with a blue roof which melts harmoniously into the sky and turquoise ocean. It’s hard not to coordinate outfits this way either, blue and white is just so beautiful (and looks stunning with a tan).

Photo 16-09-2019, 10 12 38


Sunsets in Greece, like everything else, are shrouded in ancient history.  In Greek mythology there are the ‘Hesperides’, which are the nymphs of the evening and the golden enchanting lights of the sunset. Thousands of years on, we’re are still entranced by the shear perfection of a Greek sunset and I’m yet to find one that compares to any I’ve seen on these magical islands. Maybe it’s the scenery, the rolling mountains, the colour of the sea and sky, I’m unsure, I just know they are like nothing else on earth. I’m always so emotionally invested in these moments and I just find every single sunset pure magic in Greece and I can’t imagine that will ever change.

Photo 13-09-2019, 18 20 52


It’s no wonder that Greece’s beaches are constantly voted as some of the best in the world. There are pebbled ones, sandy ones, coves and bay’s that stretch around the island, you genuinely are spoilt for choice. One of my personal favourites is Chrissi Island  which is a stunning paradise, it had pure white sands and bright turquoise waters which look like pages from a luxury holiday magazine.  If you choose to visit any beach, then make sure Chrissi island is on your schedule, however, there are so plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from, including Elafonisi Lagoon or Balos Beach, which are all breath-taking, well. you are in Greece after all.

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