How To: Layer Up For Autumn

We’re heading into autumn and it’s that funny transitional period which makes it difficult to know what to wear. Is it going to be freezing cold?  Should I wrap up? Should I layer down since the sun is out? You just never know, so that’s why layering is always a safe bet, read on guys and i’ll explain.

Photo 28-09-2019, 14 37 41

Basically, the key is to layer up your outfit with quality pieces, so when you unravel yourself (like the gorgeous onion that you are), each layer will serve its own fashion purpose, meaning you won’t be caught off guard when you feel the heat.

Photo 28-09-2019, 14 03 37

The whole idea of layering is not be caught out. Don’t wear a torn, paint splattered tee underneath your autumnal reverse collar shirt, because when you get a little too hot and that shirt has to come off, you’ve gone from ‘hot’ to ‘heathen’ in one short unravelling.

Photo 28-09-2019, 14 36 28

I like to layer up wearing a lightweight roll neck, an open loose shirt over that, then a light-weight jacket to finish off the look (either a light bomber or a trench works well). Just make sure you opt for lightweight items, that way you get the layered effect but without the heaviness, which for me is key during this period of weather uncertainty.

You can then use this concept into the depths of winter,  just make sure the top layers are heavy weight , because you’ll most likely need the extra warmth!

It’s that simple. Now have fun and get layering you adorable onions!


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