5 Hours in Valletta, Malta (In Pictures)

Since Malta was a passage way to our Cruise around Greece, we really didn’t have much time to explore this stunning Island. We were given only 5 short hours before our cruise ship set sail, so me and Tom took the chance to explore Valletta  in the little time we had.

We instantly fell in love with the city and by the time we watched Valletta disappear into the distance, we were already planning our return trip. There’s something really special about Malta, and if Valletta was the just the taster, then we were excited about returning.

Photo 12-09-2019, 15 05 10

I loved the juxtaposition of new and old buildings in the city, history is preserved beautifully and futuristic monuments and buildings bring Valletta into the 21st century, without looking out of place.

Photo 12-09-2019, 18 21 06


I also have a little obsession with beautiful doorways and Valletta have plenty of these to lust over. Look how stunning they are.

Photo 12-09-2019, 16 36 14

The side streets of Valletta are perfect, with little coffee shops and bars around every corner. There is a vibrant buzz around the city which which is really infectious!

Photo 12-09-2019, 15 54 00

We enjoyed a few glasses of Aperol Spritz in the sun, it was hard not to when so many bars had a happy hour going on. We were tempted by the gorgeous cakes too, but we stayed strong and had a few more cocktails instead!


There was so much to take in, so after walking for a little while (and working up a sweat) we decided to grab an ice-cream from the Haagen-Dazs ice-cream parlour,  we sat outside and watched the world go by.

Photo 12-09-2019, 15 27 05

There are so many monuments and nooks and crannies with historic purpose in Valletta, we only saw a snippet but I can’t wait to explore it more when we visit again.

Photo 12-09-2019, 16 44 46

This church literally blew me away! Everything in the city is stunningly clean and well looked after.

Photo 12-09-2019, 18 17 55

We also did a little shopping. It’s pretty hard not too when they have a huge Tommy Hilfiger store. (I also found a pair of Ray-Bans that I bought, the store owner was amazing and told us a little more history about the island)

Photo 12-09-2019, 15 29 35

How could I pass up a photo opportunity when Valletta looks this gorgeous.

Photo 12-09-2019, 15 01 05

Even the port front looks gorgeous, I loved all the original buildings, so full of life and history.


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