Burton Suits

When you think of affordable quality suits, men certainly struggle for choice. Unless you’re willing to pay a huge premium for a tailored suit (which isn’t viable for everyone) then it’s very easy to get it wrong, and by wrong I mean that you’ll end up with a really BAD suit.

Below are indicators of a BAD suit:

  • The trousers are ‘MC Hammer baggy’ and not tapered down to the ankle
  • The shirt has 10cm extra material under the armpit (giving you that flying squirrel look)
  • The shirt is loose around the wrist, allowing you smuggle a Great Dane if needed
  • The suit jacket is either too small, giving you Quasimodo vibes or too big, so you look like a giant baby in your fathers oversized jacket
  • If you’re going for the 3-piece then a boxy looking waistcoat can be detrimental, simply because when did looking like a cube look sophisticated?

If you’re wondering where you’ll find a suit that is reasonably priced, perfectly fitted to form, with structure, class and fashionably designed and not ‘cube’ like,  then look no further than Burton.

I chose a beautiful navy checked 3-piece suit and it fitted my randomly shaped body perfectly (I have short legs, long torso and narrow shoulders), however, the suit fitted beautifully.

Photo 04-09-2019, 18 36 52 (1)

I paired the suit with black/blue pointy leather lace ups and kept accessories to a minimum. Simply because the suit came with a pocket square, badges and detailing that worked perfectly on its own.

Photo 04-09-2019, 18 38 25 (1)

Photo 04-09-2019, 18 35 47 (1)So, if your looking for an event, or just looking to elevate your look in a stunning suit, then I suggest you check them out. They’ve not been creating suits since 1903 for nothing!


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