My January Looks

January is usually the month where we repent all our December sins. We fight flashbacks of crazy drunken celebrations and relive the horror of eating everything in sight for 31 days, genuinely, my blood is still made up of 70% Bailey’s.

Due to the horrors of our Christmas debauchery, we tend not to spend out of any outfits. I mean, we’re not going out this month, are we? Plus, nothing but green tea and lettuce is passing our lips, (the detox is real!). Despite all of this, I still like to grab myself a bargain, usually because there are sales going on everywhere by businesses who are desperate for a January transaction, so I’ve been happy to oblige, plus I’m addicted to clothes, so this arrangement works well.

So, will all of my waffling above in mind, here are a few ‘looks’ that I’ve concocted this this month, let me know your thoughts!

Photo 12-01-2020, 15 35 16

Personally, you can’t go wrong with a pair of trackies and a chilled tee, but OBVIOUSLY I like to put my own spin on this ultra-chill ensemble.  I’m wearing Nike ‘Court’ skinny tracksuit bottoms in white paired with a BooHoo Man logo striped tee. This is still ideal for a relaxed afternoon, but the stark white just looks so fresh, especially paired with my Nike 270’s  (in white and pastel) and I contrasted the look perfectly with my Red Herring corduroy puffa jacket in Navy- off to the pub for some Sunday bants anyone?

Photo 24-01-2020, 17 05 23

This is one of my favourite looks at the moment. I call this the; ‘I’m just popping out for a couple of drinks, but I’m prepared if I have to go for a meal and maybe pull an all-night-er look’. I mean, what’s not to love about these linen double belted ASOS trousers (which are great to wear when you’re not feeling your typical ‘lean’ self) and paired with a Topman floaty zerbra shirt, you’re ready to waltz into 2020 looking like a god damn dream-boat.


Photo 18-01-2020, 13 52 35

It’s easy to get it wrong with the January sun, deceivingly bright you might just be tempted to risk not wearing a jacket. If you’re going to risk it, then make sure you chuck on a knitted jumper to keep the frost-bite at bay.  This Tom Tailor knit in Navy and block white is perfectly adaptable (the fact that it’s not heavy and scratchy is a bonus!) I really like the nautical nod and the cotton acrylic blend gives it a comfortable softer hand-feel. I like to pair this relaxed jumper with cargo trousers, and these Bershka ones are ideal in a soft light beige.

This outfit makes me think of walks along a busting harbour with sea-shanty music being played on the boats and the squawks of hungry sea-gulls in the background, perfection!


Photo 22-01-2020, 14 16 08

If you need one thing whilst the weather is still frosty, it’s a good jacket! And this beautiful grey recycled wool coat from Selected Homme has been my go-to for ages. It has a single breasted classic cut and the buttons are concealed,  giving this a modern sleek look. Paired with a classic thin jumper, or a smarter cut tee, this is an ideal look for most occasions and at only £150, this really needs to be your wardrobe staple.

Photo 13-01-2020, 16 42 11

You’re probably thinking, what’s the point in a jumper if you’re going to wear shorts? Well, I constantly feel hot, so, if I’m going to pile on the layers on-top, then I need to have less layers on the bottom. Plus, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that i’ll take any opportunity to get my legs out. Ignoring my legs, this jumper is from the ASOS Design range. I love the textured stitch and contrasting greys which all work well together, the wobbly lines and animal print segments also add a bit of interest too. It’s ideal for the cold weather, but still thin enough to wear around the city without feeling to suffocated, paired with a pair of blue jeans and some vans; jobs a good’un!

Photo 22-01-2020, 14 15 53

I personally love going all black for a night, for number of reasons:,

1- If it’s a messy night, you won’t tell I’ve been rolling around the floor all night

2- It’s a sophisticated silhouette and east to wear, especially when you’re still feeling the effects of the Christmas feast (black is always great for covering up the bits you don’t want anyone to focus on)

The shirt is an ASOS slim fit velvet stripe, paired with a pair of ASOS skinny tuxedo trousers. You could wear this outfit with skinny black jeans, but I  fancied being a little smarter. I finished the look with a pair of my favourite Dr Marten tassel loafers, which have to be THE most comfortable loafs I have EVER owned and the high shine leather elevates this look even further. Now grab your rum, you’re going to the ball!

If you want to buy any of these looks, then just download the ’21 Buttons’ App and search for me @stanleydru, enjoy beauts!

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