Northskull Jewellery

Personally, jewellery  has always been hit or miss for me. When I was younger I sported a diamante ear stud- the thought now makes me gag. I also wore the odd piece of high street jewellery, which either turned my skin green, or was as thin as a strand of hair  and was never built to last. Despite the quality (or lack of) I still experimented with men’s jewellery trends, and over the last few years I’ve invested (and gifted) some good quality statement pieces -which have taken my outfits to new levels.

Recently I was SO lucky to be gifted some pieces from the Northskull range. Northskull was Founded in 2009, and based in London with their main focus being on creating contemporary pieces that add a stylish element to the attire of the modern man- so as you can imagine, I was BUZZING to receive my chosen necklaces.

I chose the new leather inlay drop pendant and the atticus skull compass necklace, both in gold (because I’m obsessed). First off, I need to mention the quality, it’s genuinely incredible. The pieces are weighty and held together with sturdy jump rings and lobster clasps, so these beauts aren’t going anywhere. They also use sterling silver and gold vermeil, so they won’t turn you or your clothes as green as a broccoli floret.

Photo 15-03-2020, 15 57 20

These necklaces look stunning, in particular the leather pendant, I just love the burgundy woven leather against he gold- aesthetically, it’s pure perfection.

If you’re looking to layer up you necklaces, make sure you check the sizes, I chose the two styles I liked the most and it just so happens the atticus compass drops less than the pendant, so these two necklaces work perfectly as a pair- however, this was just pure luck, so always check if layering is your plan.

The Necklaces I chose start from £145, however, they even have a fine jewellery section which is too tempting,. Also, if you’re debating whether or not to buy your own piece of Northskull and my pictures haven’t sold you the dream (how dare you!) then I suggest you just buy. then you can see and feel the gorgeously crafted jewellery for yourself. My necklaces came in a beautifully branded leather pouch, which means you can keep your jewels safe in storage of whilst you travel, Northskull have thought of it all.

I’m full on obsessed, so have a browse and see why.

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