Trend Alert: Layering

If you look at any 2020 spring/ summer trend board, you’ll see that layering has a huge presence right now. Many people will suggest that layering is a staple styling technique, although I wouldn’t argue this,  (I’d certainly agree that layering isn’t a revolutionary idea and is more of a functional purpose rather than a ‘trend’), however, lately I am seeing layering as inspirational and bringing an edge to outfits, which I think is incredibly exciting.

I’ve seen smart blazers draped over sport zip up tracksuits; which are then layered with jewellery and scarves, and high neck tees underneath silky luxury shirts- embellished with unique jewellery and a causal puffa jacket thrown over the top. It’s obvious that layering has developed over the years and we’ve become experimental and less regimented with the layering process.

Personally, I love seeing layers of textures against clashing fabrics, juxtaposed against conflicting trends. What shouldn’t work, works. I think this is partly because of the confidence of the person wearing it, but also, overall, it becomes a feast for the eye; there is a definite enjoyment that comes from the unravelling.

With this in mind, I’ve styled up a few high street shirts with a high neck tee, complete with jewellery and luxury accessories that I think really embodies this trend right now, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Shirt: Zara/ T-shirt: Asos / Necklace: Asos/ Belt: Gucci


Photo 14-03-2020, 11 32 58

Shirt: Zara / T-shirt: Asos/ Jeans: Asos

Shirt: Sik Silk/ T-shirt: Asos / Trousers: Noak / Necklace: Asos

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